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  • What It Was Like

    A Novel of Love and Consequence

    "It's really a very simple story. What happened was this: I met this girl and did a very stupid thing. I fell in love. Hard. I know that to some people that makes me an idiot and a loser. What can I say? They're right. I did some extremely foolish things; I'm the first to say it. And they've left me in jail and alone."

    So begins one of the most compelling, emotionally charged,
    and affecting novels you are likely to read this year.


    "Once I started reading I had to finish the book as fast as I could." 
    - Stan Chervin, screenwriter. Academy Award nominee for Moneyball

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Peter Seth's Occasional Blog
  • Welcome, 2018!!

    2018 is going to be a great year.

    This is the year that the American people are going to rise up and go to the polls in massive numbers on November 6th and vote out GOP lawmakers at all levels of government in a huge “NO” to Donald Trump.

    Enough is enough.

    With everything that’s going on in Washington, it’s hard to stay positive and optimistic, but I’m going to. When I was phone-banking for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 (which I didn’t do enough), there were hats for sale at our local Democratic headquarters with “BLUE WAVE” on the front. Remember that for a few fleeting moments, the Hillary campaign thought that she was going to win forty states?

    That dream evaporated, but a new dream exists. A new wave of activism—a real “blue wave”-- is growing across the country and is going to clean house in November. The Dems need to switch 24 seats in the House. It’s doable.

    If you hate Trump and what he and the GOP stand for, here are some good places to work off your anger positively:

    SWING LEFT – Find your nearest vulnerable GOP representative and unseat him or her.

    INDIVISIBLE – Organize at the grass roots.

    KNOCK ON EVERY DOOR – Canvass for progressive causes.

    RUN FOR SOMETHING – Run for office yourself.

    OPERATION 45 -- Work for transparency in the Trump/Pence administration.

    MOVEMENT VOTER PROJECT – Find local progressive groups.

    THE PUSSYHAT PROJECT – Fight for women’s rights.

    MOVEMENT MATCH – Find the right group for you.


    And that’s just a start. The #MeToo Movement signals a major shift in our society.  There are many places to do good.  Start now; things could hardly be more dire.


    On a personal level, 2018 is going to be a great year for me. Life is random and accidental. Surprises are guaranteed every day. But I live a fairly regulated life (my choice), so I know a lot of what I’ll be doing in 2018.

    In my perfectly accurate crystal ball, I see that in 2018 I will –

    -- Turn in my latest draft of WHEN I GOT OUT and hope that my editor likes my changes, which I think improve the book

    -- Babysit Calder twice a week (or more, if possible)

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